Wednesday, May 1, 2013


As many of you already know, there's a lighter in the game.  Basically, it can be used to light the lantern and as a light source itself (unlimited fuel, but it can only be used for a few seconds before it overheats, after which there is a cooldown time of a couple seconds).  The match also fulfills the same niche, but a match only has one use.
The problem now is I think the lighter makes both the matches obselete and the game too easy.  With the lighter, there's no point to the matches at all.  Another problem is that it takes a lot of the stress associated with running out of light away, as you have an unlimited supply of lighter light.
Therefore, I am considering removing the lighter from the game or altering how it works.  The matches would be a much more valuable resource after that, obviously.  Game playability won't be affected, as the matches can do everything  the lighter can like I already wrote.

Importantly, what do you think about removing the lighter?  Any ideas/problems you forsee?  Any feedback is appreciated.

By the way, the blog hit 2,000 hits total today!  That's really awesome.  Hopefully that number keeps rising.