Monday, April 22, 2013

Driver's Ed/GUI Promo

So I started Driver's Ed today.  Good, except the fact that the class runs until 7 PM after school every day for the next three weeks and that means I'm pretty much swamped with other non-Maize obligations.  That, unfortunately, means I might be a bit occupied for the next few weeks and won't update as frequently :(

Good news: this blog is really gaining popularity, and that's awesome.  Please don't hesitate to share this with your long-lost relatives on Facebook/G+/Twitter/whatever.

Maize is coming along very well.  The hand, GUI, and pause menu are coming along very nicely, and I think I'll have those done sooner than I expected.  To celebrate, here's a sneak preview of them:

Can't wait for these three weeks of occupation to be over.  But don't worry, I'll keep you guys updated.